Thursday, January 12, 2006

How You Can Get Involved


  • Write letters to newspapers and magazines, on campus, locally, and
  • Write an essay on what the MDG's might mean in a
    particular country, and what are the obstacles to their achievement;
  • Write letters to the editor/op-eds about the MDGs
  • Writing articles about the MDGs;
  • Pick the MDG you care most about and learn more about it;
  • Motivate others through informative media;
  • Visit a developing country;
  • Engage people in the private sector and other atypical audiences;
  • Create a collage or montage related to the MDGs;
  • Learn more about the MDGs - books, internet, videos;
  • Discuss the MDGs with your friends/family/colleagues;
  • continue your education: consider a certificate with CPNL or a Masters in Public Policy


  • Engage in MDG advocacy through a chosen organization, including UNA and/or
  • Organize a petition in support of H.Con.Res. 172 (Support for the MDGs);
  • Write letters to the Pres of the USA, the Sec'y of State, your Senators
    and Congresman/woman, in support of the MDGs and the Congressional resolutions
    backing them.
  • Join your local UNA chapter and get involved;

Supporting Development

  • Donate money to an organize that supports (a)MDG achievement in certain
    countries; (b) MDG advocacy in the USA and beyond, such as the One Campaign, or
    UNA, or the US Committee for UNDP;
  • Contribute to groups such as the ONE Campaign;
  • Hold a benefit dinner/concert
  • Click once a day
  • Click once a day
  • Online volunteering;
  • Internships with organizations that work to support the MDGs;
  • Form a partnership between you job and an NGO to raise funds;
  • Call doctors and dentists in the area to collect extra toothbrushes, gauze, flouride, latex gloves, aspirin, etc. to donate to an international medical relief program
  • Volunteer for service related to the MDGs in a developing country, such as
    service as a health outreach worker or teacher in the Peace Corps or through the
    UN Volunteers program;
  • Raise support for the Millennium Campaign;
  • Volunteer overseas;
  • Adopt a child for their school tuition in a country without access to free public education;
  • Join the peace corp;

Become a Leader of Change

  • Form an MDG group in your community, whether it's at your university, in
    your faith community or others, that studies and advocates for the MDGs, whether
    at the country level or beyond;
  • Educate your community by organizing a movie screening, teach-in, lecture series
  • Establish a local group to mobilize political and financial support for the MDGs;
  • Host a round table discussion with an engaging speaker to discuss the MDGs;
  • Organize a "race for the MDGs"
  • Work with high school kids to teach about the MDGs, Support the One World Youth Project;
  • Participate in the UNA-NCA MDG Task Force, and help in defining its work
    program in ways that meet YOUR needs.
  • Make a personal commitment to educate others;
  • Start a neighborhood campaign to raise awareness, money;
  • Give a copy of this list to 10 friends and challenge them to get involved;
  • Sponsor/organize a night of conversation and write up a news release;

Making the global Local

  • Look at what the MDG's might mean in your own community, whether in the DC
    area or beyond; are you likely to achieve them?
  • Decide to conduct your life in a manner consistent with the Goals;
  • Post the MDGs in your office by the water cooler;
  • Conserve water;
  • Support local efforts working to achieve the MDGs;
  • Buy sustainable clothes;
  • Mentor a high school student and help inspire the next generation of leaders. Interested in mentoring? The Look Beyond Summit: Leadership Starts Today! is offering the opportunity for young professionals to mentor a high school student this spring. Mentors and students will meet at the Summit at Georgetown University on April 1 and will work together on a project throughout the school year. Contact to sign up and visit for more information about this exciting student and teacher summit
  • Choose a particular country, and examine the progress and pitfalls in
    achieving the MDGs in that country, and then consider how you might engage with
    that individual country, whether through direct action as a volunteer in that
    country, through other local organizations, or otherwise;
  • Cycle beads;
  • Personal stories related to the MDGs;


Blogger saten said...

Make sure you know the difference between the Millennium Development Goals and the Millennium Challenge Account, then explain it to a friend.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

How about:
Get your university to implement eco friendly technologies (use recycled paper, reduce water useage, etc.)

I was somewhat inspired by Oxfam's site:

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

I think we should have these grouped by MDG...

1:16 PM  

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